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Our company was founded in 1997. We provide a professional transport of day-old chicks and hatching eggs. From the very beginning we have focused on the quality of services in order to provide our customers with the maximum safety and satisfaction. Continuous development of our vehicle fleet resulted in our trucks transporting chicks and hatching eggs throughout the whole Europe. Very much emphasis is put on the sanitary conditions of our vehicles. We know how important is the safety during transport, so we always make sure that the cleanness of our fleet does not leave anything to be desired. Please feel invited to have a look at our offer.


Our company has a TIR Carnet, which entitles us to transport to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, etc.

TIR Carnet (Transport International Routier) is an international customs document, which allows for the transport of customs goods over one or more borders without reloading, from the initial customs office to the customs office of destination, as long as at least a part of the transport is made by road.


Transport of chicks

We use cars and semi-trailers of the best European manufacturers for the transportation of chicks.
Our diverse vehicle fleet enables us to transport from 1,000 to over 100,000 chicks.


Transport of eggs

Hatching eggs are transported in refrigerated vehicles, always at the right temperature.
Our refrigerators serve only for the transportation of hatching eggs, which allows us to increase the biosecurity of our fleet.



Transport Ciężarowy

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Transport of chicks

Transport of hatching eggs

Transportation of chicks

Transportation of hatching eggs

International transportation of chicks and hatching eggs